Kjo da Gaunad: Through the Wordings

Let's make analysis on that poem from Goldent posted at Kjo da Gaunad - Hoje a Festa é Sua

Original verseMeaningGrammar/Comments
Kjo da novi jomToday is a new day
Gy hadimevti novi tanoOf a new time has just beganhadimevti: passive past participle of hadimeda
Novi jomim seniIn these our days-im: plural form (for consonant-ended words)
Ha köpiara darah minnanoThe joys will be of all-ra: plural form (for vowel-ended words)
Kol volodaIt's just to will
Ha ep jumeinkEach one of our dreamsep: each of
Darah fior...will come be truedarah: future form of particle da
Ha mirae hadimeteThe future has just began
Kjo da gaunadToday is your feast-d: single possession form of 2nd person singular
Kjo da gaunankToday is our feast-nk: single possession form of 1st person plural
Da volnak nekje, da gyno volIt's for someone's will, [the] someone's willnekje: for him/her/it
-no: standalone genitive
Gauna da nekem, kjoni da nekenkThe feast is yours, today it's ours nekem: for me
nekenk: for us
Da volnak nekjeIt's for someone's will-nak: indirect object

Well, it should be enought for now (:

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