Alternative Spelling of Diacritics and Doubled Forms

Let's see by now how the diacritics modify themselves into their doubled forms, and how each form is related to its diacritics.

The following consonants can get simply doubled: b, d, f, g, k, l, m, n, p, r, t, v and z. By its own, the doubled form of h is ch.

akkordu "consensus"
alla "bird"
brumma "witch; fairy"
reddere "responsibility"
suffel "souffle"
taggetu "target"

Well, that's all for now (:

Diacritic Alternative
š sz ssz tošal (toszal) "yearly"
ałrebessz "aurebesh"
ž zs zzs abenžu (abenzsu) "vengeance"
č tsz / csz tssz / cssz čusuda (tszusuda) "choose"
(*) c ts cc / tts Horvacia (Horvatsia) "Croatia"
(*) gy ggy hagyia "distinction"

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