Next Season of the "Garota da Moto" Series

Announcement of the next season of the Garota da Moto series. Let's the Joana's actress talk by herself:

Da tiz «A Garota da Moto»-t Riusirasototok. Magprosim.
Kesker tiznek sikretet hesu: Szeni sezot vanenk!
Vaitonak nult vesissek!
Rai me til!

That's it. Your homework this time is TRY to get a brief idea of she'd said in the video above.

Ah! I've decided to write in Latin script, instead of Cyrilic.

1 comment:

  1. the verb riusirasoda means something like "Make something to be successful" or something alike.

    Magprosim means "Thank you very much" (lit. "My great thanks"). The final -m is the personal possessive, so Magprosid would mean something like "Your big thanks"... feels a bit ilogical, but might be useful in some very rare context.