Next Season of the "Garota da Moto" Series

Announcement of the next season of the Garota da Moto series. Let's the Joana's actress talk by herself:

Da tiz «A Garota da Moto»-t Riusirasototok. Magprosim.
Kesker tiznek sikretet hesu: Szeni sezot vanenk!
Vaitonak nult vesissek!
Rai me til!

That's it. Your homework this time is TRY to get a brief idea of she'd said in the video above.

Ah! I've decided to write in Latin script, instead of Cyrilic.


Iskolani biblosken horubo kay Leicei Statu

Try translating the following text, provided all knowledge on previous posts + Dictionary (although in Portuguese instead of English) and so on. It's NOT Russian language (neither Serbian nor Bulgarian etc... no Slavic language. It's a conlang instead). It's Alethian Language written in Cyrilic script specially designed for writting of Alethian language.

Аикуни Уните-но (АУ) 58 мембери кунинек, 1948 жунигету 10-ни моравти дин, Вирбеаи Жусен Аикуни Деклараcе: ┌Минна ембернек да минанеcен кай соудаён кай религун либуй┘.
Яcепуюкен перисан либуюкнак емберект евитада да вирбеанаи вилагоса.
Яс Xи Жинпинн, яс Кастор Раул, яс Путин Владимир, яси емберек да кол фусеиса сесни, вел еуси дезиркер, вел Седуни Сикрети Магдиетто.

* * *

aikuni (n.) : international, universal, "among all nations"
ember (n.) : person
evitada (v.) : to prevent something from happen
fuseisa (n.) : wrongdoing
jus (n.) : right, rights
libu (n.) : freedom
perisa (n.) : act or effect of sharing something
unite (n.) : union, coalition
virbeai (adj.) : human. e.g., virbeai itak = human language


Мотосикилен Ёко (The Motorcycle Girl)

The SBT channel (Brazilian TV broadcasting) is currently showing a TV series which plot is more likely kinda anime, you got? The series' called "A Garota da Moto", of course.

Now you can translate this phrase:

Мотосикилен Ёко

* * *

episode (n.) : episode (series), chapter (of a book)
motosikil (n.) : motorcycle
sevvesta (n.) : kidnapping