Groove Coverage - Angeline

Translation to Alieza:

On anak djam namd, mo djam znad
Sufergidont trobsucz dou rot, mag dapri ed
Kol cuki jusiti
Tani serayorun trenoni balesodi

Angeline, lara lo gulujon
Atentos ey, elyumed ey runesos
Angeline, lara da mol znas
Paradaz da lo ti vanuvan

Angeline, lara da magamol
Eldou nai tani koraudes ey
Angeline, ameni namdras ey
Lara kol irane, amesoi ame kay.

On namnak djam namd, mo djam pegod
Dimanteli laen volt tani, da beszamu
Vondari aoi mek
Udekuddelyani lara, magai naifi
Ma naifi

Nai, djam tizfalesos
Nai, djam tizfalesos
De da lonoi kae, da lonoi nönek

Original Lyrics:

She never cried for love, she never knew
How to deal with a broken heart, she was so blue
Only sweet seventeen
When she left on the midnight train just to be free
To feel so free

Angeline, life is not what it seems
Open up your eyes, run away from your dreams
Angeline, life is more than you see
Paradise is not what you want it to be

Angeline, life is more than you know
Listen to your heart when there’s nowhere to go
Angeline, dry your tears in the rain
Life is just a trip and it’s falling rain

She never cried a tear, she felt no pain
When she captured life in pieces, such a shame
Eyes of blue wondering
In the arms of a little close, too innocent
Too innocent

No, you never gonna fade away
No, you never gonna fade away
But it’s a lonely world for a lonely girl

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