Early Mistakes (Primeiros Erros) by Kiko Zambianchi

Hi ^.^

I'm truly joyful! Today I translated the song of Kiko Zambianchi called Primeiros Erros ("Early Mistakes"). I found this song and lyrics truly TRUE about the life of an independent people -- who could be called "Alsoomse Keezheekoni" (="Independent Burning Fire" in Algonquin/Cheyenne/Tsistsistas language). But... Let's kick off any unused saying and play NOW our music and plan!

In Domenaic language:

Ayumayu maiasa / Mu ró znayesz oroni mi
Mino un da nenonak / Min ayut djam afekyoûi
Fi mu znayesz mit kaî mu siyesz / Fi mu siyesz, mu znayesz mit
Mu ró znayesz oroni mi / Fi min giza yunak fasinesye
Mino bare zostayena hit / Mino nou zostayena hit
De kól amesye, amesye / Amesye, amesye
Alla mino l kakout fi ittale sikenyuna
Iczisi fusekno tani mi amet tomerudna
Mino bare zostade hit / Mino nou zostade hit
De kól amesye, amesye / Amesye, amesye

I could translate this to English but I'm in lack of time...  >_<  I reached new words and added it to the Dictionary. Coming soon...